Schedule of materials’ acceptance

Reception of materials: until 05/25/2021

Sending of the soft copy of the journal to authors: till 06/06/2021

Sending of the print copy of the journal to authors: till 06/13/2021

Rules for publishing an article:

Fill in the author's questionnaire on our website
Send an article to the editorial office of the journal for peer review at the address
Get a response about reviewing and instructions for payment for publication
Pay for the publication of an article and inform us about it

Cost of publication of an article in journal is:

Cost of publication:

- 23 USD

- 21 EUR

The cost of one copy of the print journal

Cost of publication:

- 12 USD

- 9 EUR

An access to the soft copy of the journal is free of charge.

Articles of the journal are placed in scientific databases and indexes free of charge.